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The show which attracts an audience of over one million viewers in Jamaica is aired on Saturdays at 8:35 pm - 9:35 pm and repeated on Tuesdays at 10:00 am and Thursdays at 5:30 pm on TVJ.

Viewers vote weekly for their favourite Dynamites. Bi-weekly, the dance group with the lowest votes and likes will be eliminated from the show.

One of the objectives of the show is to widen Jamaica’s appreciation of different cultures and different dances. As such each week dancers randomly select a genre and are given one week to prepare their dance for television. Edna Manley School of Dance and Excelsior Community College provide specialists for dancers who may find any genre difficult to execute.

There will be:

  • 4 Auditions

  • 4 Eliminations/Stage Shows

  • 6 Road Shows

  • 9 Studio Shows are held at Excelsior Community College

  • Tablets from FLOW

Finalists will compete for over 1 million in cash and prizes.


1ST Place - $700,000.00

  • Scholarship Edna Manley College of Dance

  • $350,000 Charles Chocolates, plus Charles Chocolates gift packages

  • $150,000 Supligen

  • $100,000 Burger King

  • $200,000 Devon Biscuits

  • Tablets from FLOW

2nd place - $300,000.00

  • $100,000 Burger King

  • 3 Bluetooth Speakers, Devon Biscuits

  • Scholarship from Caribbean Maritime University

  • 3 Android Boxes from Inter- Global

3rd place - $200,000.00

  • 3 Tablets, Devon Biscuits

  • JF Mills Baskets

  • 3 Tablets from Inter- Global


1 Ideapad 210 Lenovo Laptop courtesy of Inter – Global Technology Solution a $10,000 Supermarket Gift Voucher, Devon Biscuits and Computer Tablet ($20,000) from Charles Chocolates.

FINAL CLASH ON JULY 3- BEST Group to “BOOST DI MOVE” in the Final clash wins $ 20,000 and a trophy from Supligen

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