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• The name of the competition is “Dancin’ Dynamites

• The specific promotional period is February 12 – May 21, 2022

How voters enter:


• Re: Mechanism of the show, Vote lines will open on Saturday, as of February 12 during the show on TVJ (Saturdays 9pm) and close weekly on Saturdays at 12 noon. During the final week, vote lines will close Saturday May 21, 2022 at 9:00pm.This is thirty minutes before the close of show. Final draw and announcement will be done live during the show at 9:20 pm on May 21, 2022.


• The cost to vote by text is $25

• Voters may text from any network.

• Voting is opened to all ages and entities

• Voters will be asked to call 444-4280 or 444-2781and select the number of the dance group they wish to vote for (e.g., Press 1 for Unlimited Dancers). For text simply insert the number of the dance group and send text to 444-4280 or 444-2781.

• Voters are allowed to win as many times as is possible for the entire competition

Method of Selection:

• Votes will be tallied electronically by FLOW Jamaica, Flow Jamaica Headquarters, 2-6 Carlton Cres, Kingston, our telecommunications sponsor Saturdays. The system which will be used by FLOW Jamaica is Ogangi. This platform will allow for votes/text from any network.  The top three voters weekly will be rewarded as well as the highest voter of the season. 

• Should there be a tie in votes for any of the prize category, there will be a random manual selection between those involved to determine the sole potential winner.


• Potential winners will be called at least 5 times, over a period of one day, after the tallying of votes. If no response, the next highest voter will be contacted. This means the 3rd highest voter will be awarded the 2nd place prize and the 4thhighest place voter will be awarded the 3rd place prize.

• Potential winners of prizes will be asked “What is the name of the competition?” The correct answer (Dancin’ Dynamites) must be given before prize is allotted. If answer is incorrect, the next voter in descending order will be called. This is the Skill Element.

• Winners will have 5 working days in which to claim prizes after notification.

• Prizes are transferrable and are not redeemable for cash

• Unclaimed prizes will be retained by Jenny Jenny Productions.

• Winners will present valid IDs to collect prizes (Passport, Drivers’ License, National ID, School ID)

• To collect voter prize Parent/ Guardian are required to accompany children under 18 yrs. and required to present ID.

• Winners must collect their prizes at 11 Ardenne Road, Kingston.